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Benefits of VoIP

Low cost, coupled with a seemingly endless list of new possibilities make VoIP technology one of the hottest Internet technologies today. There are however several other benefits to using this technology.
  • Cost Effective - Traditional phone calls work by allocating an entire phone line to each call. With VoIP, voice data is compressed and transmitted over a computer network. This means VoIP uses substantially less bandwidth than a traditional telephone call and is consequently more cost effective.
  • Simple Infrastructure - With VoIP on your network, you no longer need separate cabling for your telephone system.
  • Scalable System - Traditional PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) based phone systems come in many size ranges and it may be necessary periodically to scrap existing systems and replace hardware. This is not the case with VoIP systems.
  • Low Operating Costs - Because a VoIP exchange is based on software rather than hardware, it is easier to alter and maintain.
  • Portability - You can make and receive phone calls wherever there is a broadband connection simply by signing in to your VoIP account. This makes VoIP as convenient as email. For instance if you are traveling, simply pack a headset or Internet phone and you can talk to your family or business associates for almost nothing.
  • Extra Features - There are many other features that make VoIP attractive. Call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, caller ID and three-way calling are some of the many services included with Internet telephone at no extra charge. You can also send data such as pictures and documents at the same time you are talking on the phone.